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Hung Le Wins Crazy Eights Championship For $888,888

5 July, 2016 | 13:16 от Aleksandra

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Hung Le

Vietnamese immigrant has won the Crazy Eights Championship at 2016 WSOP

How fitting that Hung Le, a Vietnamese immigrant won the tournament at the 2016 WSOP on the Fourth of July.

Le had never previously played in a major tournament, and this is also his first cash in a poker event. “I tried to come out to Las Vegas to get lucky,” Le said after winning the event.

In one of the hands of the heads-up match, Le raised preflop with Q-3s to 600,000 on the BTN and Michael Lech re-raised to 1,300,000. Le shoved, and Lech called him with A-To. Le was able to catch a three on the river and doubled up his stack.

“It’s the only way I can beat him – he’s too good for me. He was very aggressive.  He knows how to play the flop good.  If I try to play the flop with him, I can’t beat him – he’s too good,” Le explained his heads-up strategy.

In the final hand, Le grabbed the title with his pocket twos against Lech’s Q-Js.

“I have five kids.  We are a lower middle-class family.  We work hard.  This is life changing money for us,” Le confessed.

2016 WSOP Event #54: $888 Crazy Eights 8-Handed No-Limit Hold’em Final Results

  1. Hung Le – $888,888
  2. Michael Lech – $401,888
  3. Dimitar Danchev – $297,888
  4. Rafael Yaraliyev – $222,888
  5. Henry Grunzweig – $167,888
  6. Loni Harwood – $126,888
  7. Aurelien Guiglini – $96,888
  8. Yang Zhang – $74,888
  9. Nils Bardsley – $57,605