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Doug Polk’s $10K Challenge On the Rise

4 December, 2016 | 13:15 от Aleksandra

Polk's Challenge

Doug “WCGRider” Polk’s $100-$10,000 bankroll challenge started back in August

When Polk started his challenge, most of the people thought that it would take a few days or maximum a few weeks. Well, it’s been almost four months since he has started and it looks like he would need a few more.

Now Polk is on the rise, after a month-long winning streak. His bankroll hit $632!

To be fair, Polk has only played for 24 days, as he traveled to Canada in September to play in WCOOP and then took October off to travel. Now, he is also playing only on Mondays and Fridays.

In the first few days of his challenge, Polk dropped below $50. However, on the 9th day, he was able to win several MTT’s that shoot him up to $551.

Once again, his bankroll dropped to $138 after some shots at $20NL on day 13, and since then he stayed around there until his last day of play before his 2-month break.

When he came back on 4 November, Doug has enjoyed eight consecutive successful sessions across four days, earning him profits of $69, $233, $19, and $162.

His biggest winning came last Friday when he was able to come out second and first in two MTT’s, taking $178 and just over $100 for his results.

Check out his progress graphics so far:

Challenge Graph

We hope Doug Polk will complete this challenge a little quicker than it seems.