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Playing Before the Flop

15 August, 2016 | 19:21 от Aleksandra


Learn how to play before the flop in No Limit Texas Hold’Em

When to call a bet?

You shouldn’t just call a bet. You give too much information to a good player in a better position n when you just call. However, in some cases, you could call.

When you have a hand that is not easily dominated, hands like a medium or small pair, or suited connectors – these hands like a lot of opponents. For example, Qc Jc or a pair of sixes.

When you are strong and believe that one of the players will raise. For example, when you hold a pair of kings.

When you have good pot odds. For example, six players called, and you have 9-8s.

When to raise?

As we said before, in No Limit Texas Hold’Em, you should carefully consider which hands you are going to play. Therefore, once you have decided to play, the hand is probably worth raising.

How much to raise?

We usually recommend raise in between two to six times the big blind. When you are in early position, tend to go from 2x to 3x the big blind and from late position 5 to 8 times.

Raise the same amount whether you have a reasonable hand or when you have a great hand, in order not to expose your game.

When you are in late position, and no one has called the big blind yet – almost any hand is worth raising.

When you are in the small blind, and no one has called the big blind, you should usually fold against a good player because you are in a bad position.

Against a weak player, you can call or try to steal the blind by raising if you think he might fold.

If one player raised, some of the other players called, and you have a good hand, go for a big raise.If you think the first raiser might fold, he will make it difficult for the rest of the players, who hadn’t reraised him, to call your big raise.

Stealing the dealer’s button

As we said before, the position is one of the most important factors in No Limit Texas Hold’Em. Therefore, sometimes try to steal the best position even if you’re sitting to the right to the dealer’s button. You do that by raising.

If the appropriate players are sitting to your left, you can do this even if you are sitting two places to the right of the dealer.

Going all-in

This move is one of the most exciting moves in poker. Go all-in when:

  1. You think you have the best hand, and one of your opponents will call.
  2. You don’t have the best hand, but think the other players will fold.
  3. You are getting good pot odds no matter what the other player does.

Examples, for going all-in:

  1. If you hold a pair of aces, one player raised the big blind, and three more players call this raise.
  2. If you have a pair of sevens, one loose player has raised, and no one has yet called.
  3. If you have A-Js, the pot is big, and you are short-stacked.