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Mike Sexton Expects Ferguson’s Full Tilt Story

12 June, 2016 | 13:10 от Aleksandra


Last week Chris Ferguson showed up at the World Series of Poker, and this met mixed emotions in the poker community

Probably most of the players weren’t happy to see Ferguson’s returning, but some of them urged him to tell his side of the Full Tilt story.

Mike Sexton is one of them, as he commented Furguson’s participating at the 2016 WSOP in an interview with PokerListings.

“I think Chris should tell the story, to be honest. I think if he told that side of the story, how much he fought for players and how much he tried to get players’ money back and how much he tried to keep the company going even after it was going belly-up, I think they would have a different viewpoint,” Sexton told PokerListings.

Sexton also revealed that he has been friend with Ferguson for a long time, and he is behind his back.

“I see both sides of the coin. A lot of old players are fond of Chris and like him as a person but for what he did, it’s difficult for a lot of guys to swallow. Should they let him come back and play? It’s okay with me, but I can see where people would object to it,” Sexton added.

Daniel Negreanu also had what to say. He wrote several posts on his Twitter profile:

“I’d like to know if Ferguson has any remorse, but it seems that his actions are speaking louder than his words. He doesn’t seem to care.”

“I just don’t know how after 5 years he doesn’t think he owes the players any sense of apology. It’s so smug and absurd.”

“I’m just here to play poker” Ferguson’s only comment dismisses the damage he caused the poker community while hiding under the covers.”

“Chris Ferguson returns to WSOP issuing no apologies, no remorse, as if nothing happened. Feels like a giant slap in the face to players.”