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Interview With PLO Expert And Team partypoker Pro Ludovic Geilich

11 November, 2018 | 12:56 от Aleksandra

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Over the summer, partypoker added аnother rising stаr to their roster in Ludovic Geilich

Ludo was frеsh off winning a title in the €1,100 Opening Event of the pаrtypoker MILLIONS Grand Final Barcelona in April, grаbbing $306,421 in prize money for his efforts. His lifetime earnings in live poker action stands at $2,237,208, good for 4th plаce on Scotland’s all-time money list.

Known onlinе as ‘Gr4vyBo4t,’ the Scotsman has made his mark on the virtuаl felt as well. Look for Geilich to represent pаrtypoker at the Caribbean Poker Party in the Bahamas beginning this wеek and at the MILLIONS Online latеr this month.

HighstakesDB had a chance to chat with Ludo and ask him a few questions about how he got started in poker, who the best and worst players are, and which players he’d like to see join him as partypoker ambassadors.

Q: Did you ever think the day would come where partypoker would sign you?

I always imagined it happening, so to be honest, yes.

Q: Where/when did you start playing poker?

I started at my local snooker club when I was 15…. the manager at the time (Ronnie Cooper) taught me well. 😊

Q: Cash games or MTTs?

I like MTTs as they’re more challenging but I do dabble in some PLO cash at times.


PLO is a much more enjoyable cash game in my humble opinion.

Q: Top 5 players in the world?

Top 5 players change all the time so it’s a hard one to answer but I will say most of the time it is littered with German players as they work the hardest in my opinion!

Q: Worst player in the world?

Worst player in the world? Hahaha… that’s nasty, but I’ll have to go with Kevin Hart.

Q: How many live events will you play this year? Most looking forward to which?

I’m always playing live events so I would say I play at least 15-20 per year! I’m looking forward to going back to Australia for the Aussie Millions.

Q: On the partypoker pro roster who is the player you admire the most and why?

The player I admire the most on team party would have to be Fedor as he achieved so much so quick and so young!

Q: Six seats at a poker table, you are in seat 6, who fills the rest of the seats in your dream game and why?

The other 5 seats would have to be a mix of friends and a few famous people I enjoy reading/listening too…

Firaldo & Jake Cody being the two friends as they never make it easy on you and that Firaldo is always trying to beat me up on the felt!

As for the 3 famous people I like to read/listen too would have to be Anthony Hopkins… Elon Musk and Robin Williams.

Q: Top 3 UK players you would love to see partypoker sign as pros alongside you?

Niall Farrell would be a great addition to team party and I’d love to see Jake Cody make the transfer over along with Chris Moorman.

Q: Worst poker memory?

Worst poker memory would have to be not getting the job done in London at the EPT in Covent Garden when I finished 4th instead.

Q: Best poker memory?

Best would have to be winning a $21k PLO online for $460k when it was more than needed at the time as I was -$360k at this point lol.

Geilich is a PLO specialist and is heavily involved in increasing the PLO offerings at partypoker. Let’s see if he can also use his influence to bring Cody, Moorman and Farrell into the fold!