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Anchoring And Bet Sizing

Ed Miller Explains How Anchoring Can Open Up A Small Game (An article originally published on Card Player) The book, Thinking Fast And Slow by Daniel Kahneman, introduced me to the concept of anchoring. It’s a concept anyone who works in sales must no doubt be intimately familiar with, but it was new to me when I read the book. Here’s the idea. You can affect a person’s estimates of value, size, and so on by throwing out a number before they come to their conclusion. Say you have an item that has obvious, but probably not exceptional value. Something like a nice pair of headphones. You take a group of people and divide them in two. You ask the first group, “How much do you […]

5 Tips for Your Bankroll

Hаving a solid bankroll is imperative to online gambling Without a good stаrting bankroll, players can only enjoy their favorite gаmes for a short amount of time. By learning how to sеt a starting bankroll and build upon what you already hаve, you can then have a good base to play Hold’em or Omаha, among other exciting and popular real money casino gаmes, hopefully able to prolong your game play and mаke a profit. Here аre 5 quick tips to get you make the most out of your online bаnkroll. 1. Dеtermine The Best Bankroll to Plаy With There аre a few factors to consider when trying to determine the best bаnkroll for your gaming needs. Think about how mаny hours you will be playing […]

Mississippi Stud

Learn how to play another popular poker-based game This is a game where the player wins based only on his own cards. There is no dealer hand. The game starts out with a player makes an ante wager, then the dealer’s going to give the player two cards, and three community cards face down. After the player sees his first two cards, he may either make a raise bet of one to 3 times his ante bet, or he may fold. After this decision has been made, the dealer’s going turn over the first of the three community cards. Again, the player can either raise one to three times his ante bet, or he can fold. Then the dealer’s going turn over the second community […]

How to Play Three Card Poker

Three Card Poker is without a doubt one of the most successful new table games in recent years. The thrust of Three Card Poker is, let’s say, the player against the dealer and the higher hand wins. The way it begins is the player makes an ante wager and an optional pair plus wager. Let’s start with the ante wager first. After the player makes his ante wager, the dealer will give the player three cards and himself three cards faced down. The player may look at his own three cards and then he must make a decision. He either has to raise his bet or fold. If the player chooses to raise, the raise bet must be equal to the ante wager. After the […]

Playing Before the Flop

Learn how to play before the flop in No Limit Texas Hold’Em When to call a bet? You shouldn’t just call a bet. You give too much information to a good player in a better position n when you just call. However, in some cases, you could call. When you have a hand that is not easily dominated, hands like a medium or small pair, or suited connectors – these hands like a lot of opponents. For example, Qc Jc or a pair of sixes. When you are strong and believe that one of the players will raise. For example, when you hold a pair of kings. When you have good pot odds. For example, six players called, and you have 9-8s. When to raise? […]