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Brains vs AI: Q&A with the Pros

After three weeks of action, things doesn’t look good for the pros After exhausting three weeks of play between the four pros and the machine, on Monday this challenge is going to reach its conclusion. Currently, latest heads-up bot of the Carnegie Mellon University – Libratus is ahead with $1,4 million, at blinds of $100/$200. After the first week of play, humans were able to claw their way back to even, largely thanks to Dong Kim. However, since then the power of Libratus start crushing the team on a daily basis. Yesterday, Kim and his teammate Jason Les answered a few questions about the challenge on Reddit. See some of them below. How do you think the outcome of this match will affect the future […]

Top 5 Televised Poker Hands of Tom Dwan

PokerStars has released a video with Tom “durrrr” Dwan, and his best hands played on television Over the last decade, a lot of big poker pros, members of Team Full Tilt Poker, appeared on several high-stakes poker shows, including Poker After Dark, High Stakes Poker, and Million Dollar Cash Game. Before the Black Friday, players with the best sponsorship deals were receiving six or even seven figure payments once a month from online poker sites like Full Tilt Poker. Like that players won’t be worried about going broke. And as you may know, Tom Dwan was one of them. Now PokerStars released a video with his top 5 televised poker hands. “They range from the ridiculous to the sublime – from the 8-high shove to […]

Lucas Greenwood Wins PSC Bahamas $25k High Roller Event for $779k

Lucas Greenwood has reached his highest score The champion is the third player in his family, who has managed to make seven-figures score playing the game he loves. His prior highest score had been $75,000 for his play in the PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event in 2011. However, with his new title, he can join his brothers Max and Sam, who have over $6,6 million in combined live tournament earnings. Now Lucas has over $1 million in live tournament earnings. Also, Lucas was responsible for knocking out his brother Sam in 10th place for almost $76K. “Neither of us is giving very much away,” said Luc of Sam, diminishing the significance of any tells between the twins – telepathic or otherwise. Lucas’ victory was much […]

Phil Galfond With Updates Around His Upcoming Poker Site

Phil “MrSweets28” Galfond released details around his upcoming poker site RunItOnce Poker On his website, Phil Galfond published a lengthy blog two days ago. He begins with how he and his friend Dan started their training site and how it has growth under its 4-year life. However, in his post, he added some much-awaited news regarding his upcoming online poker site. According to Galfond, his team is working on the software development. This is one of the main reasons why his original target of Q1 launch date is likely out of reach. “I had hoped to be able to give you all a guaranteed launch date by now, but I can’t,” Galfond writes. Galfond also said in his blog that he visited RunItOnce Poker’s […]

Phil Ivey Loses Borgata Case

Undoubtedly, it’s not Phil Ivey’s year Firstly, his appeal for the $12 million he won at the Crockfords was turned down by a London appellate court last month. And now he has lost his edge sorting case with Borgata and now he has to pay $10,1 million to the casino. Two months earlier, a court in New Jersey ruled that his session of baccarat at the Borgata Casino and Hotel was not illegal, but it was in violation of the casino rules. Since then the Borgata filed a claim for damages, wanting $15,5 million from Ivey. According to the casino, if Ivey and his friend Cheng Yin Sun were playing without using their edge sorting technic, the Borgata would have earned almost $6 million, given […]

Man Tattoos KidPoker’s Autograph on His Leg

A man did a tattoo with Daniel Negreanu’s signature on his leg Daniel Negreanu might have lost some fans after defending the rake increase made by PokerStars this year, but he still has a lot of fans who are crazy about him. A Norwegian poker fan, Tony Ostbye, is a big fan of Kid Poker. Recently he did a tattoo of Negreanu’s autograph on his leg. The poker pro must be pleased by this man’s decision, but for sure this is not the first time Negreanu sees something like this. In 2010, Daniel Negreanu gave an autograph on a woman’s lower back at the World Series of Poker. That same woman came back the next year to show Negreanu that his signature was permanently tattooed […]

Doug Polk’s $10K Challenge On the Rise

Doug “WCGRider” Polk’s $100-$10,000 bankroll challenge started back in August When Polk started his challenge, most of the people thought that it would take a few days or maximum a few weeks. Well, it’s been almost four months since he has started and it looks like he would need a few more. Now Polk is on the rise, after a month-long winning streak. His bankroll hit $632! To be fair, Polk has only played for 24 days, as he traveled to Canada in September to play in WCOOP and then took October off to travel. Now, he is also playing only on Mondays and Fridays. In the first few days of his challenge, Polk dropped below $50. However, on the 9th day, he was able […]

David Baazov Finds More Fund for Takeover

David Baazov’s Amaya takeover took another twist last week David Baazov shocked the poker world when he restated his intention to try to take the company back into private ownership a few weeks ago. Just a few days ago, It was announced that two Hong Kong companies are backing Baazov’s bid to take the gaming company. After the announcement that one of his Dubai-based investor, KBC Aldini Capital, had never “even heard of Amaya” or Baazov, the former CEO had to find other ways to refinance the deal. Initially, Baazov said that he had secured $3,65 billion from him. However, that news didn’t slow him down. Now Head and Shoulders Global Investment Fund and Goldenway Capital confirmed that would provide the needed money. These companies […]